The Giving Tree Centre

Centre for child psychology and well-being

Our Vision

We aim to move toward a world where all youth feel safe, secure and stable and have a robust support system in place should the need arise. 

This starts with addressing the mental health and well-being of children in our local community. 

Our Story



Welcome to The Giving Tree Centre.

We are an experienced team of mental health and education professionals here to help you and your child develop the awareness, skills and capacity to heal, grow, learn and thrive.



The Giving Tree Centre was founded in response to the children’s mental health crisis that has worsened as a result of the global pandemic. 


After hearing countless stories from desperate parents who were unable to find quality support for their children’s anxiety, and other mental health issues, we decided to take action and create a responsive, compassionate and comprehensive children’s mental health service, focused on supporting the inherent strengths and wellbeing that exists within each child and family.


It is important to realize and understand that your children may not simply grow out of their problems, thus seeking early intervention can be a wise investment in their future development to becoming a fully functional and well-adjusted adult. 




We believe that every child is born with the capacity to live a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. Using a strength-based perspective, we work to uncover and build upon the positive potential within each child and family.




Research shows that optimal child development occurs within the context of supportive relationships. As such, parent involvement is an integral component of every course of treatment that is offered at The Giving Tree Centre.



Our approach to assessment and treatment are grounded in the latest theories and research from a range of disciplines including psychology, neuroscience, pediatrics, naturopathic medicine and education.




We seek to destigmatize mental health and learning differences so that every child and family can learn to accept the neurological variations that may set them apart from their peers.




We believe in the mind-body connection, understanding that mental health cannot be separated from physical health. As such, our treatment plans are designed to support the whole child including their mind, body and spirit.