Our Services


Our multidisciplinary team of psychologists, therapists, naturopaths and educators provide holistic assessments and evidence-based treatments to help families better understand and more effectively address the mental health and learning needs of their children beginning in the earliest stages of development and continuing through adolescence.


Appointments take place in person, in the convenience of the home, or online through video sessions.


Rest assured, we will match you with one of our professionals that best suits your needs.


Effective treatment for most issues usually requires some form of assessment to determine which kinds of support would be most beneficial to the child and family. Assessments include psychological tests and/or other less formal methods of evaluation to develop an in-depth understanding of each child and family’s specific needs, strengths and challenges.


Prior to treatment, an initial comprehensive evaluation is conducted to identify the primary concerns of both the child (when able) and his/her caregivers. Parents are asked to provide our intake therapist with background information such as medical, academic, familial, behavioural and developmental histories, which is used to determine which assessments, if any, are required to formulate diagnostic impressions and develop a customized treatment plan.


If the child or family may also benefit from naturopathic medicine, namely nutritional guidance, the treatment plan can be supplemented with tailored recommendations made by our naturopathic doctor.


Our typical, but not exhaustive, range of assessments include:


Psychoeducational Assessment - Psychoeducational assessments are administered by our clinical and school psychologists who use a range of assessment tools including standardized tests, parent and teacher questionnaires, clinical interviews and observations to diagnose specific mood, behaviour and/or learning disorders and exceptionalities. These assessments are also used to develop treatment plans and provide input to schools regarding individualized education planning. 


Psychological / Social-Emotional Assessment - These assessments are done by our clinical psychologists or registered psychotherapists when the child is doing well academically, but is having difficulty functioning on a social, emotional, behavioural and/or interpersonal level. Psychological / social-emotional assessments are used to diagnose specific mood disorders as well as develop comprehensive treatment plans, which involve the entire family.


Speech and Language Assessment - Speech-language assessments are conducted by our Speech-language Pathologists (S-LPs) who are registered with the Canadian Association for Speech-language Pathologists and Audiologists. These assessments are used to determine whether or not the child could benefit from speech, language and/or communication support.


Occupational Therapy Assessment - Occupational therapy assessments are done by our Registered Occupational Therapists (OTs) who use standardized tests, parent questionnaires and clinical observations to identify treatment goals and develop a treatment plan related to improving neuromuscular integration and functioning.


Academic Assessment - Academic assessments are administered by our Ontario Certified Teachers (OCTs) who use standardized assessment measures to develop a comprehensive learning profile, which is used to develop a customized academic plan to help the child achieve greater success in school and other learning environments. 

The cost of assessments range from $2,000 to $6,000 CAD depending on the nature and complexity of the concerns.


We provide a comprehensive menu of services, which include but are not limited to: Individual psychotherapy, play therapy, parent-child therapy, family therapy, group therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, behaviour therapy, parent coaching, educational consulting, academic support and nutritional guidance. 


Common issues we support at the Centre include:

Prenatal & Postnatal

Perinatal depression & anxiety

Postpartum depression & anxiety

Parent-child bonding and attachment

Early childhood (0 - 6)

Sleep training

Toilet training

Temper tantrums

Separation Anxiety

Picky Eating

Developmental Delays

Middle Childhood - Adolescence (7 - 18)

Learning difficulties

Behaviour problems



Relationship issues

Drug and alcohol abuse

Body image / food issues

Screen addiction


All Ages

Divorce/family separation





Unresolved childhood trauma

Positive discipline skills

Stress Reduction/Mindfulness training

Our suite of treatment services include:


Individual Psychotherapy / Play Therapy 


Individual treatment is delivered by our registered psychologists or registered psychotherapists to help the child/youth address personal issues within a safe and supportive therapeutic relationship. The particular approaches to treatment depend on the age and needs of the child/youth as well as the nature of the presenting issue(s). Some examples of individual evidenced-based treatment approaches that are used include cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT), play therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), behavior therapy and exposure response prevention therapy (ERP).


Family Therapy


Family therapy sessions take place with our registered psychologists or registered psychotherapists who invite parents, siblings, grandparents and/or other family members to participate in treatment with or without the child’s/youth’s presence. Family therapy sessions focus on educating family members, improving communication, disrupting destructive relationship patterns and building positive connections to increase the supportive capacity of the child’s/youth’s family system.


Speech and Language Therapy 


Speech and language therapy sessions are led by our speech-language pathologists who use games and other engaging activities to build a rapport with the child and work on speech and language related goals such as improving articulation, fluency, comprehension and other verbal and/or non-verbal communication skills. Parents participate in speech and language therapy by helping their child practice the skills learned in treatment sessions at home.

Occupational Therapy


Occupational therapy sessions are delivered by our occupational therapists who engage the child by using a variety of play-based techniques to increase the child’s ability to function more confidently and independently. OTs help the child work towards accomplishing developmental goals such as improving fine and/or gross motor skills, balance, coordination, body awareness, visual-spatial awareness, sensory processing and organization skills. Parents participate in occupational therapy by helping their child practice the skills learned in treatment sessions at home.

Academic Support


Ontario Certified Teachers provide one-on-one tutoring and academic support focused on helping the child to function more successfully in the school environment. Our teachers are trained in a variety of evidence-based instructional methods, which support students with or without learning exceptionalities. Specific areas our teachers provide support in include: Math, reading, writing, executive function skills, test taking, note taking, study skills and assistive technology.



Naturopathic medicine is a unique discipline of clinical sciences that merges the modern medical diagnostic tools with evidence-based holistic treatments. A naturopath helps to establish the conditions for health by addressing the fundamental cause of illness, rather than just addressing the symptoms that are present. Clinical nutrition and the therapeutic use of foods is a cornerstone of naturopathic medicine and can help to identify many food intolerances, deficiencies, dietary imbalances or nutritional excess, which are associated with many medical conditions in an effort to improve or even reverse these conditions.  

Initial Comprehensive Evaluations are 90min in length and cost $255 - $450 depending on the seniority of the psychotherapist and psychologist. 

Therapy Sessions (at-home or virtual) are 60min in length and cost is $170 - $300 depending on the seniority of the psychotherapist and psychologist.