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giving tree therapy in Toronto

Group Therapy

for adults

Group focused therapy 

Do you experience anxiety and have difficulty managing your emotions? Are you having difficulty in your relationships and want to understand and change certain habits? Are you trying to understand your child better?

We run various group psychotherapy and parent coaching programs, which are designed to help you and understand your emotions, how they relate to your anxiety and help you improve your relationships in a stimulating, active and caring environment.

Group Therapy allows for healing in a group setting. Under the supervision of our Group Therapists, we encourage you – and the group – to connect with each other for support and guidance.

The aim of group therapy depends on the theme of the collective focus. For example, it could be about overcoming anxiety, grief, loss, trauma, depression or sadness. It can be a very effective form of therapy for individuals who suffer from mental health concerns because it creates a bond amongst fellow group members for empathy and care and shared healing.

Group Therapy in Toronto makes you feel less alone when you listen and talk to others who express similar issues and concerns to show you that you’re not the only one struggling. In our group therapy sessions, you can publicly voice your struggles without worrying about judgment from others. In group therapies, members feel a moral sense to help each other with honest communication and feedback. You may begin as strangers in the room but soon find yourself each other’s valuable and trusted source of support.

When to seek Group Therapy?

Group Therapy Services allow individuals to gain new perspectives regarding one’s struggles, foster new skills for dealing with various issues and gain comfort in a supportive therapeutic environment. If you feel that one-on-one therapy may not be feasible for you for financial reasons or you’d like a wider support network or you’re just curious about exploring a particular issue your facing but without being the focal point of attention throughout the entire session, then we would encourage you to try Group Psychotherapy, Toronto.

You can experience the following benefits from sessions at our Group Therapy Center, Toronto :  

  • You connect with people who face the same challenges as you

  • Group settings allow you to feel understood and validated

  • It reduces the feeling of shame and self-doubt to promote personal growth

  • You find peers to share experiences, struggles, and successes with

  • You get to see diverse perspectives and experiences 

  • It challenges your assumptions and helps expand awareness around you

  • You learn from others through active observation and interaction

  • You get constructive feedback and encouragement from your groupmates

  • It brings you a sense of belonging and normalcy in difficult situation

  • It allows you to practice and improve your social skills in a better way

The main aim of our Group Psychotherapy in Toronto is to help you connect with others for mutual encouragement and understanding and thus healing. The sessions can explore different topics such as domestic violence, eating disorders, intense sorrow, crippling family dynamics and substance abuse. If you feel like we can help you, please book a free consultation for Group Therapy in Toronto.

For those :

  • Experiencing difficulties related to anxiety

  • Who struggle with understanding and feeling their emotions

  • Who struggle developing, maintaining and nourishing intimate social relationships

  • Who want to better understand their behaviour with others

  • Who are having a difficult time connecting and understanding their child

Format :

  • 30-60 minute sessions online

  • psychotherapy groups and parent coaching groups are run as separate programs

  • 4 - 12 weekly sessions 

  • Opportunity to speak with leading therapist about their personal concerns 

Sign up:

No groups are currently scheduled.

If you are interested in participating in a group, you may contact us for more information about upcoming sessions at


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