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Psychological Assessments


Prior to treatment, an initial comprehensive evaluation is conducted to identify the primary concerns of both the child (when able) and his/her caregivers. Parents are asked to provide our intake therapist with background information such as medical, academic, familial, behavioural and developmental histories, which is used to determine which assessments, if any, are required to formulate diagnostic impressions and develop a customized treatment plan.


If the child or family may also benefit from naturopathic medicine, namely nutritional guidance, the treatment plan can be supplemented with tailored recommendations made by our naturopathic doctor.


Our typical, but not exhaustive, range of assessments include:


Psychoeducational Assessment 


Psychological / Social-Emotional Assessment 


Speech and Language Assessment 


Occupational Therapy Assessment

Academic Assessment

The cost of assessments range from $1,000 to $6,000 CAD depending on the nature and complexity of the concerns.

Contact us for your complimentary assessment consultation! 

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