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Psychological therapy can address a broad spectrum of behavioural and developmental problems and concerns in infants, children and adolescents.

Infant Therapy

Sleeping and feeding difficulties

Toilet training

Temper tantrums

Delays in normal growth and development

Special needs 

Child Therapy

Learning difficulties

Behaviour problems

Bedwetting and soiling

Fears and phobias

Attention deficit disorders

Effects of trauma

Adolescent Therapy

Learning difficulties


Impulsivity, anxiety and phobias

Interpersonal or social problems

Divorce/separation and bereavement 

Drug and alcohol abuse

Eating disorders

Effects of trauma or abuse

Prior to treatment, we first perform an Initial Comprehensive Evaluation to determine the parents’ and child/adolescent concerns. Parents provide our team with information about their child’s neonatal life, birth, infancy, toddler and early childhood years, medical history, behavioral history, family history, academic history and psychological history. This invaluable context allows our psychologists to more accurately formulate a diagnosis and design a treatment plan to meet the specific needs of the infant/child/adolescent.

If there is reason to suspect that the child may benefit from naturopathic medicine, namely nutritional improvements, we can supplement the treatment with tailored naturopathic therapies. There is ample research to suggest that nutrition plays a key role in regulating our brain function, and thus behaviours. Studies have shown than the risk of depression is 25% to 35% lower in people who consume a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, legumes, lean proteins, aka the "Mediterranean" diet, than those who consume a "Western" diet high in sugar, fat, and processed foods. 

The cost of the Initial Comprehensive Evaluation is $350. 

The cost of each Therapy Session (at-home or virtual) is $300.

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