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Dania Awartani speech language pathologist at the giving tree centre psychology clinic in Toronto

Dania Awartani

Registered Speech-Language Pathologist

Dania is a CASLPO-registered SLP based in Ontario. She holds a Masters of Science in Speech-Language Pathology and a Bachelor of Arts in Cognitive Science and Linguistics. She is bilingual in Arabic and English and passionate about bringing bilingual and culturally-informed service delivery to this underserved population in Canada. 

Dania has extensive experience working with clients of all ages as well as their families through different service delivery models, across different settings, and at all stages and with all ages of speech and language needs. Her pediatric experience encompasses both virtual and in-person work with the early intervention, pre-school, and school-age populations. With adults, she has experience working with aphasia and apraxia of speech following stroke and/or traumatic brain injury.

Dania enjoys working closely with the families and other interdisciplinary professionals involved in her clients' lives, so as to truly understand each person and develop goals that are functional for them. She aspires to build a strong foundation for the integration of her clients' goals outside the clinical setting and targets their increased participation in the activities that matter to them.

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