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Navigating Children's Mental Health: Insights, Strategies, and Hope for the Future

Are you concerned about the impact of the post-pandemic world on your child’s social anxiety and emotional wellbeing? How about the impact of social media on their self-esteem? Wondering how to effectively support your child through behavioural challenges? Interested in learning about parent coaching and how it can help strengthen your connection with your child? Wanting to learn more about art therapy and how it can help with self-expression and healing?

If so, please join us for an insightful live panel discussion event that will be live streamed on our Facebook page here:

The Giving Tree Centre’s team of experienced child and adolescent mental health professionals is coming together for an engaging discussion on a wide range of critical topics, including post-pandemic social anxiety, behaviour management, emotional regulation, parent coaching, art therapy and much more! Our experts will share their knowledge and experience, providing you with the tools and guidance needed to support the young people in your life.

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